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RJ Sheen & Company-Corporate Policies 2016


Our Current Corporate Policies

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Anti-Bribery & Corruption Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set out the responsibilities of RJS in observing and upholding our position on bribery and corruption.

All RJS personnel are expected to conduct company business in a legal and ethical manner.

RJS nor any of its agents should not use illegal payments, bribes, kickbacks or other questionable inducements to influence government policy or any business transaction.

The use of RJS funds or assets for any unlawful, improper or unethical purpose is prohibited.

In the conduct of business, all employees must avoid making payments that may be or may be perceived to be improper. Specifically, RJS prohibits bribery by any of its employees or agents.

The full policy and its text are available on request

Employment, Equality & Diversity Policy

We take our role in the Modern Construction Industry very seriously, heres how.........

It is the policy of RJ Sheen & Company Ltd to operate actively within the framework and guidelines of the Governments equal opportunities policies , and to employ the most suitable candidate for each position giving regard to the requirements of that function.

Each appointment that becomes available shall be assessed, and the candidate whom most closely mathces the assessment shall be offered the position irrespective of age, race, religion,creed, colour, sex, sexual orientation and or any physical disability.

Full policy and text available on request.

Health and Safety

Our policies, procedures and initiatives to maintain a safe working environment for all our operatives, staff and other trades on site......

We take our Health and Safety responsibilities extremely seriously.In addition to our own 'in house' health and safety systems and practises developed over the years from our own Active and Reactive monitoring, we also work in consultation and retain the services of a specialist consultancy 'The Health and Safety People'.

Our consultants carry out frequent independent checks and monitoring on all our sites, as well as ensuring we have the latest Industry requirements implemented. We are also members of the British Safety Council, the Construction Health and Safety Group and have also achieved Achilles Accreditation.

Copies of all current certificates and documentation available on request.

Environmental Policy

We have been awarded the ISO 14001 and BS8500 environmental accreditation,directly as a result of our on site activities and practices, this has been Independently assessed by AJA Registrars,and is a benchmark of our recent success on several large scale projects.

We successfully achieved this accreditation by proving our capacity to use re-cycled materials, curbing the waste generated from our activities, sourcing materials from the nearest possible sources to cut down emissions and our carbon footprint (for which we have achieved excellent BREEAM credits,) and utilising chipped bricks and blocks in areas of less cosmetic and aesthetic need ie plastered or dry lined areas hence recycling our own materials on site. We also implemented the use of mastic 'sausages' in lieu of the traditional cartridges, reducing the waste generated and negating the impact of placing waste in landfill sites.You can request copies of all our Environmental Policies and Initiatives incl. recent BREEAM statistics on some of our projects....including....

  • BS EN ISO 14001:2004 registration certificate
  • Acorn Trust Environmental Management Certificate
  • ALA Registrars Ltd Inspection and testing report
  • Report from Caron Thompson (Eden Project Liason)
  • Confidential Report on Environmental Management System

Quality & Performance

Quality Policy Statement:

For R.J. Sheen & Company Limited, quality means that our customers are satisfied and their expectations are fulfilled.

Our quality management values are based upon the firmly anchored quality awareness of our employees and commitment to provide a positive and client creative work ambiance. To achieve this, products, operations and activities are continuously reviewed, questioned and improved.
R.J. Sheen & Company Limited intends to operate in accordance with those core requirements and overriding objectives of BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and is committed to the further development and achievement of continuous improvement through adherence to the following quality principles,which have been formulated as follows:

•Simplicity ~ We keep it simple

•Avoid waste ~ We do it right the first time

•Housekeeping ~ We keep things in order following our Environmental Policy ISO 14001

•Responsibility and involvement ~ We are in it together

•Co-operation ~ We are unbeatable in a successful team

•Continuous improvement ~ We are willing to be the best

This policy will be communicated to all employees and will be reviewed periodically to ensure its continuing adequacy.

We are fully conversant with the requirements of any Contractors Project Quality Plans , and are actively working towards ISO 9001 accreditation in this respect.

We have developed our own internal quality system ,but we are generally required to work under our clients own Quality assurance systems, but undertake to provide our client with the findings from our own monthly internal audits at progress meetings.

We take great pride in the Key Performance Indicator results  that we receive when partnering our clients.

Data available on request.


Industry Accreditation


We hold numerous Industry Accreditation schemes, Such as Building Confidence and ISO 14001 Environmental Management..........

Building Confidence is quickly becoming recognised as the standard for supplier excellence within the industry.
Major contractors are using the service to evaluate their supply chains, drive up performance and forge longer lasting relationships with key suppliers.

A copy of our current registration is maintained at head office and is available on request.
ISO 14001:

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that sets out a framework of essential elements for putting an effective
Environmental Management System (EMS) in place. The standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitability
and reducing environmental impact. With the commitment of your entire organization, it can enable you to achieve both objectives.

What’s in ISO 14001?

    General requirements
    Environmental policy
    Planning implementation and operation
    Checking and corrective action
    Management review

This means you can identify aspects of your business that impact on the environment and understand those environmental laws
that are relevant to your situation. The next step is to produce objectives for improvement and a management programme to achieve them,with regular reviews for continual improvement.

Construction Skills Certification Scheme:

What is the CSCS scheme?

CSCS was set up in the mid-90s with the aim of improving site workers’ competence to reduce accidents and drive up on-site efficiences.The Scheme keeps a database of those working in construction that achieve, or can demonstrate they have already attained an agreed levelof occupational competence. Successful applicants are issued with a card giving them a means of identification and proof of their achievements.
Cards are increasingly demanded as evidence of occupational competence by contractors, public and private clients and others, and today there are over 1.7 million cards in circulation. Applicants must also pass a Health, Safety & Environment test.

ConstructionSkills administers the Scheme under contract.
CSCS is demanded as proof of competence by organisations from across the industry as well as employers, clients and Government.All sites registered under the Considerate Constructors Scheme are required to declare the percentage of workers who hold CSCS cards and to record details of site operatives’ and visitors CSCS cards.

The Cabinet Office through its document Common Minimum Standards for the Procurement of Built Environments in the Public Sector,states that governmental clients are to include a contract clause requiring that all members of the supply teams who are workers or a regular visitor to a construction site should be able to demonstrate their competence.It goes on to say that card schemes such as CSCS can be used to help judge an individual’s competence.

Training & Apprenticeships

All about our training initiatives and apprenticeships and continuous re-investment into our workforce.

As full members of the CITB our yearly training matrix is monitored independently under our membership No 1476236.
Our workforce is 100% CSCS registered and all our supervisors undergo training to STMS level as well as mandatory first aid training.
This also applies to all our administrative staff whom visit site.

Up to date records and copy documentation is available on request.

Experienced Worker CSCS Accreditation:

Over the past few years, we have managed to train some numerous operatives to NVQ levels 2 and 3 thus enabling them to have Current CSCS Trade cards,most of these were bricklayers whom were on the old city and guilds certs in brickwork, but had missed the boat on obtaining their CSCS cards under 'Grandfather' rights previously.Moving on from this qualification of the workforce those that had the new cards and were of a supervisory level were then able to go on to complete the SSSTS supervisory courses also, and we are now 100% compliant in this respect.

Colleges and Apprentices.

We have strong links with our 2 local construction colleges, Barking and Lewisham, and have recently donated 5000 facing bricks to Lewisham,where Kevin Mc Dermott regularly adjudicates on craft operatives level 3 workshop projects for their craft certificates.

In the previous few years to 2015 we have successfully managed to pass out several apprentices and have assisted numerous 'mature' workers to NVQ level 2 qualifications.This is an ongoing rolling programme to 'qualify the workforce'.
We always strive to employ' local labour 'on our projects, and as such will provide the means to train the workers to the latest industry requirements,which in turn assists local economies and aids in the reduction of our carbon footprint.


Industrial Relations

Here at R J Sheen & Company, we work very closely with the Main Construction Workers Union , U.C.A.T.T
the(Union of Construction Trades and Allied Technicians) as well as other organisations......

We currently have in force with them a working arrangement to which both parties subscribe and which in turn benefits members and our operatives that hold union memberships in terms of site safety and working practices as well as harmonious industrial relations.

In Addition we also employ a full time site safety representative trained by UCATT , under the umbrella of the TUC, , Ross McDermott.Having Ross in this role assists in maintaining good working relations with our operatives and management teams you can see a copy of his Accreditation in the download section where there is there is also available, a copy of a letter from UCATT regional secretary confiming our relationship.

As an employer, we are fully committed to the policies of the B&CE HSM Ltd, and do not employ sub-contractors.
As such our employees enjoy the benefits of holiday pay, insurance, and pension contributions.

This is over and above the Industry Standard & Our  B&CEHSM membership number is 56627

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